Michael Hetrick

Unfiltered Audio

Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Michael Hetrick is a Ph.D. candidate in the Media Arts and Technology department at UC, Santa Barbara. A lifelong musician, he discovered his passion for electronic music while studying at Western Reserve Academy. At Vanderbilt University, he expanded his work into the field of video art while receiving a B.A. in Digital Media and Distribution. He went on to receive an M.A. in Electronic Music and Sound Design at UC, Santa Barbara in 2011 while doing research in chaotic synthesis under Curtis Roads. Today he is the co-owner and co-founder of Unfiltered Audio, a company dedicated to creating new software for digital musicians everywhere. His current research involves analyzing and cataloging composition strategies for modular synthesizers.
Work Experience
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Sep 2012Present
- I am the founder of Unfiltered Audio. We are a company dedicated to creating high-quality audio plug-ins. Our Reason Rack Extensions are among the highest rated in the Propellerhead store, and our first VST/AU has received rave reviews. Our products include unique features, such as cloud backups of user presets.
Jun 2014Sep 2015
Windows Programmer
-Responsible for porting the Raven and Batch Commander codebases to Windows.
-C++ coding with a heavy emphasis on JUCE and Windows API.
-Connecting a Windows application to an iOS Bonjour remote.
-Porting OS X native threading code to Windows.
Sep 2014Dec 2014
Teaching Associate
-Teaching Art 22, an intro to programming for artists. Focus is on common programming elements, such as for loops and if statements. Concepts are taught using multiple languages, including Processing and Javascript.
Jan 2012Jun
Teaching Assistant
- TA for 240B, 240C, and 240F, an MAT class series taught by Andres Cabrera focusing on developing synthesis algorithms from scratch using C, and ultimately implementing them in plug-in form.
- TA for 201A, an MAT class taught by Andres Cabrera that serves as an accelerated introduction to DSP. This class is taught in an interactive and social fashion by using iPython notebooks.
- TA for 200B (three times), a core class for MAT taught by Curtis Roads and Andres Cabrera. Selected for aptitude with music software and ability to present complicated techniques simply.
- TA for Art 22, a class focused on teaching web languages and Processing to artists.
Goleta, CA, USA
Jul 2013May 2014
C++/CUDA/Java/Python/Lua Programmer
- Assisted with the optimization of computer vision algorithms. Ported traditional C++ code to CUDA.
- Wrote a large-scale Java project that allowed the LIRE library to import and export the same Google Protobuf data that a proprietary program used.
- Wrote many Python and Lua scripts to run speed and accuracy tests between the projects.
- Upgraded and managed a large-scale, cross-platform, multi-architecture, and multi-compiler (Intel C++ Compiler + MSVC) build solution for a commercial product.
Sep 2012Jan 2013
Freelance iOS Developer
- Developed iOS software for BioBeats. Wrote algorithmic music patches in pd, created scores for an algorithmic remix sequencer, edited and processed stem tracks for bestselling artists (including Far East Movement), wrote Objective- C code, and created responsive UIs for an iPhone application.
- Worked with an international team through video chats. Used a sprawling, multi-branch git repository.
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Jun 2011Jan 2013
CREATE Technical Coordinator
In charge of maintaining three campus recording studios. Set up equipment for concerts, managed traveling artists, purchased new equipment, provided software repairs, managed student rosters and security systems.
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Aug 2011Nov 2012
Graduate Student Researcher
High-level research for the UCSB English Department (under Alan Liu). Responsibilities included developing a social network built upon Ruby on Rails. In particular, I was in charge of UI development. Required skills were Ruby, Ruby on Rails, CSS, MySQL, Javascript, and more.
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
May 2011Present
iOS Developer
- Developing apps for the iOS platform. Sole developer for two releases, DrawJong
and Fractal Blender.
Electronic Musician
- Released a collection of modular synthesizer recordings on Make Noise Records.
- Published an article on AudioTuts about editing drum loops in Kontakt. Full link: http://audio.tutsplus.com/tutorials/instruments/advanced-drum-editing- in-kontakt/
- Took third place in effect company Ohm Force’s annual Video “Cohmpetition”. Received $900 in prizes. Contestants entered from all over the world (Second place went to a former drummer for Smashing Pumpkins).
- Very proficient at designing instruments in Reaktor. Two of my instruments received over 1,000 downloads, and multiple ensembles received very positive feedback by a writer for Computer Music UK.
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Jan 2012Present
PhD in Media Arts and Technology
- Passed qualifying exams and attained candidacy in September 2013.
- Creating a Fractal Flame renderer in OpenGL on iOS and OS X. The iOS implementation is now available on iTunes under the name “Fractal Blender”.
- Creating a surround-sound Glisson synthesizer with an external OSC controller.
- Teaching Assistant to Curtis Roads (twice) and Andres Cabrera (four times).
- Starting a company (Unfiltered Audio) with two other students to release audio plug-ins.
- Teaching an undergraduate class for Clarence Barlow on writing a synthesis engine from scratch and implementing it as a VST/AudioUnit plug-in using JUCE.
- Porting an educational graphics engine by Theodore Kim to a cross-platform GUI-based JUCE version, along with an iOS-based Cinder version.
- Porting an FFT-based Audio-to-MIDI converter from Pascal to C++ (for Clarence Barlow). The software currently runs on Linux, Windows, and OS X.
- Programming cross-platform VSTs, AUs, and RTAS plug-ins based on JUCE and Gamma.
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Sep 2010Dec 2011
MA in Electronic Music and Sound Design
- Created an iOS synthesizer that uses OSC, OpenGL, and AudioUnit technologies. Sold successfully through the App Store, earning “New and Noteworthy” under the music section.
- Part of a team project to port an advanced MIDI sequencing environment from Pascal to C++ (for Clarence Barlow).
- Created a real-time sample-based granular synthesizer using an Arduino, pressure sensors, and Pd.
- Taught undergraduate classes on Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Reaper, and Komplete.
- Created an advanced set of macros to simulate an analog modular synthesizer in Max/MSP.
- Created a surround sound, multi-operator FM synthesizer using the gamma library. The synthesizer is expandable from 1-16 channels, and can be controlled with OSC (implemented using liblo). This was written for Matt Wright, one of the architects of OSC.
- Created two surround sound compositions (for Curtis Roads).
- Created two CSound compositions (for Joann Kuchera-Morin).
- Part of a team project to create software for a NeuroSky headset that tracks
emotions of users interacting with art (for George Legrady).
- Created an interactive, real-time simulation of chaotic attractors in OpenGL/GLV.
- Created a MATLAB program that convolves audio and visual data together to create powerful results.
- Created a composition toolkit for Renoise using Lua.
Nashville, TN, USA
Sep 2006May 2010
Bachelors in Digital Media and Distribution
- In charge of editing, co-writing, and creating the soundtrack to a $5,000 student film, while also providing ADR. The film (A Step Backwards/4106) was shot in HD. Post-production only took a week, and the film won Vanderbilt’s Film Festival.
- Created an interactive installation using Max/MSP/Jitter that featured three screens receiving video from a single projector via projection mapping. Three other videos were shown at a gallery in downtown Nashville.
- Hired by a professor once per semester to teach his Computer Recording class about Ableton Live and to demonstrate new technologies in interfaces and VST instruments. Also worked from time-to-time in his Nashville studio on electronic tracks.
Gold Award - Graduate Design Competition
Computer Music Magazine
Performance Award (for Unfiltered Audio's Sandman)
Computer Music Magazine
Value Award (for Unfiltered Audio's Sandman)
English (Native), German (Conversational)
Audio Skills
Ableton Live, Adobe Audition, Csound, FLStudio, Hardware Modulars, MAX/MSP, Metasynth, Minim, Numerology, Pd, Pro Tools, Reaktor, Reaper, Reason, Renoise, SuperCollider
Visual Skills
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe After Effects, Maya 2013, 3dsmax 2013, fugu, Final Cut Pro, Jitter, Processing, Meshlab, Nodebox, vvvv, TopMod
Programming Software
Xcode, Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013, git, Eclipse, Aptana, Subversion, Sublime Text, Intellij IDEA, vim, Pycharm, Atom, JIRA, Mantis
Programming Languages and Libraries
C/C++, Java, Objective C, Lua, Processing, Python, OpenGL, OpenGLES, OpenGLSL, GLV, gamma, MATLAB, PortAudio, liblo, pyo, libsndfile, Allocore, oscpack, JUCE, LATEX, Ruby, HTML, CSS, MySQL, MongoDB, Node.js, Express.js, Javascript, Jade, Stylus, CUDA
"Late Bloomer". Make Noise Records. 2014.

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