DrawJong is a chaotic, two-oscillator wave terrain synthesizer based on chaotic attractors. It is capable of producing wild glitches and weird waveforms, along with a steady stream of gorgeous visuals. 

Use it to feed your favorite sampler, to explore new forms of sound, or to create awesome wallpapers (DrawJong is capable of exporting photos to your photo library)! 

DrawJong comes with a detailed instruction manual, so people of all skill levels can use it. All controls are laid out to provide the best experience possible. 
DrawJong is a continuation of my final project for an OpenGL class. This version takes all of the features of the Mac version and adds a rich sonification engine based on Lance Putnam's Gamma library.
I am extremely proud of this project, and I hope that you enjoy it.
You can download it here:
Download the manual here:
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