Euromax for Max/MSP

Download Euromax now for Windows and Mac ( < 1 MB), Updated December 9th, 2012.
New modules in Euromax 2.0 include: AD Envelope Matrix, Audio-to-Control, Bipolar Attenuators, Bipolar Mixers, Glisson Generator, Input Granulator, Logic Oscillator, Min/Max Audio + Control Processors, Per Grain Constant Q Filter, Quadrature Oscillator, Random Integer Generator, Sample + Hold, Simple ADSR, Simple Oscilloscope, Trainlet Generators, Two-Input Logic Gates, and a Wavefolder/clipper.
by Michael Hetrick, UCSB MAT
License: I am hosting this on GitHub using GPL v2. Please send bug fixes and updates! I would love to keep expanding this library.
What it is:
EuroMax is a collection of Max/MSP bPatchers inspired by Eurorack modules. They vary from creative clock sources to wild-sounding oscillators. They are easily added to your patches through a right-click menu.
-All EuroMax patches are created with basic Max/MSP objects. This ensures cross-platform compatibility, and no extra externals need to be downloaded.
-The patches can be easily explored for learning or for modification. All patches come with detailed help files.
-These patches will be frequently updated, as these were made for my own use as well. Updates will not break old patches, as every module added to your own patches is completely saved with the patch.
Known Bugs:
-Currently, Max doesn't send loadbang messages to objects instantiated from "Paste From...". When instantiating objects with dropdown boxes (such as the oscillators), you will have to click the dropdown box to get the module working correctly. This also prevents objects like the Output Rotator and Metro Divider from instantiating with useful values. I've emailed Cycling74 about this.
Coming Soon:
-Complex Oscillator
-Better panning algorithm on mixers
-Drum Synthesizer
-Cartesian Sequencer
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